Nantong: "Deep Kung Fu" restores the air "only this green and green" becomes a dazzling background

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Nantong: "Deep Kung Fu" restores the air "only this green and green" becomes a dazzling background

  On June 2nd, Nantong City held a press conference on the "Sixth and Five Environment Days" to release the 2021 Nantong ecological and environmental status bulletin, notifying the city’s ecological environmental protection work and strong law enforcement related law enforcement. It was learned at the meeting that Nantong City last year’s environmental air was 322 days, and the excellent ratio was%, which maintained the first province for four consecutive years; the 16 countries’ examination surfaces, reaching or better than the Ⅲ section, accounting for%, accounting for%, accounting for%, accounting for% , Increased by a year -on -year increase, and the water quality improvement ranked first in the province.

Chongchuan and Tongzhou have obtained the title of "Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" and the title of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zone. The vivid scrolls of "blue sky and white clouds, clear water and green banks, and shallow bottoms of fish" are slowly unfolding in the land of the river and sea. 2021 is the first year of Nantong’s in -depth battle against pollution prevention. "Development and protection are one, and law enforcement supervision and service development are all responsible for the ecological environment departments.

"Cheng Wei, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Nantong Ecological and Environment Bureau, introduced that in recent years, the bureau has adhered to the combination of" supervision in accordance with laws and regulations "and" strong and effective services ". The key special actions such as "major rectification" and other special actions have further promoted pollution control, and took the lead in the implementation of the implementation of non -on -site supervision and law enforcement work in the province. Monitoring big data platforms, promote the automatic monitoring of the "five -all" construction of pollutant discharge units, and consolidate data support for non -on -site law enforcement supervision.

  Guard the Yangtze River, "plant" this green and green.

Establishing the river, Nantong insisted on drawing the "one picture" along the river to protect the "one picture". The proportion of ecological shore line along the river increased from%to 54%in 2018. Vigorously rectify the problem of "chemical industry surrounding the river", cumulative relocation of 495 chemical enterprises along the river, and realized the "clear zero" outside the park 1 kilometer along the river. Ecological priority, the city’s high standards promote the construction of the ecological landscape band along the coast along the river, and the 10 characteristic demonstration sections have been completed in an all -round way. In the province, the four -level forest system system is established in the province, and the area of ??afforestation and greening area is 6,659 acres.

  Textile printing and dyeing, and ships and marine workers are all Nantong’s "home industry". In terms of "soft environment" for building a high -quality development of service companies, a "Nantong City on Increasing Pollution and Eatfunding Eatriotism Promoting the Green Development of key industries" Promote the transformation and improvement of the eight major industries such as textile printing and dyeing, chemical industry, including the green transformation of "one line and one policy" of key industries, and various measures for "physical examinations" and refined service companies for high -quality enterprises.

In major projects, Nantong adheres to the service mechanism of "a project, a leader, a set of teams, and a stare to the end" to promote the environmental assessment of key projects such as Nantong Port General Founder, Tongzhou Bay Sangang Pine Terminal Project, and Haitaijiang Channel. The time limit for the review of the voltage project, innovate the establishment of a municipal "total storage pool", and strengthen the protection of environmental resources, thereby differentiation supporting major projects at or above the municipal level, which has been well received by the majority of enterprises.

  "The main goal of this year’s environmental quality is: the average concentration is reduced to 29 micrograms/cubic meter, and the ratio of excellent air quality of the air quality reaches%; Stability is more than 93%. "Wang Kai, deputy mayor of Nantong City, used data to set a green target.

  Next, Nantong will focus on green development, adhere to both the symptoms, and implement more than 2,600 governance projects such as atmospheric, water, soil, and groundwater, and combine strict law enforcement supervision to implement the "integrated team" of environmental protection public security "integration teams" to strictly crack down on environmental violations of the law. criminal behavior.

At the same time, the vivid scrolls of "blue sky and white clouds, stars flashing, clear water and green banks, and shallow bottoms of fish" make green the most vivid background of Nantong’s high -quality development.

(Li Nangan).