Things to Do When you are Bored and have a Computer

There are times that you find yourself getting bored especially when people are all encouraged to stay at home and distance themselves from other people. Even you have everything you want for creating a hobby or enjoying your quarantine days, you cannot help but to feel bored.  

Whether you use laptop rentals or using our own, there are a lot of things you can do to them so be productive in your boredom. Here, we give you some of the things that you can do to your computer when you feel bored. 



Backing up important files is actually overlooked by most computer users, and so they tend to forget this. Then they begin to feel the consequence when something wrong happens to their computer and a lot of important files are deleted. If you have nothing to do, then it is the perfect time to provide back up.  

2.Organize and clean your e-mails 

This is probably a good time to be a little productive at work by cleaning and processing every e-mail in your inbox and archive some. Do no leave any e-mails unprocessed. 

3.Delete unwanted programs 

At some point in time, we have downloaded, either unconsciously or consciously, some software and programs that have gone unused now. Use this time to check and uninstall programs you are not using anymore. This is productive as you will be cleaning and making your computer work more efficiently. 

4.Read technical blogs  

There are many available blogs on the Internet that provide high-quality content that are useful and informative. While it is also fun and recommended to read blogs about random topics, technical blogs will surely help you deal with your gadgets. 

5.Change your passwords 

If you have several social media accounts or an important account for work, make sure that they have different passwords as it is not advised to use the same password for many accounts. Also, check when is the last time you have changed your password. Of it is ages ago, then use the time to change some of the old passwords you have now. There are many password manager apps you can use now. And if you are still skeptical to use these apps, you might as well try following password best practices to help you manage your passwords.  


When you are bored, one way to be productive is to write everything that you think or thing you have been wanting to express. You can start with completely subjective topics to technical ones in order to check and develop your writing skills.  

Final thoughts 

There are many things you can do to be productive with your boredom, and some of them are done through a computer or a laptop and the internet. Do not waste your precious time looking at the ceiling or an empty wall. Start doing the thing we mentioned here and you will how it creates wonder to your daily routine and sense of fulfillment. So, what are you waiting for? Do them now. 

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