Wood Floor Refinishing or Just Wood Screening 

Most hardwood refinishing companies might tell you this, that there are many cases you will not be needing a complete hardwood floor refinishing. But in some cases, the condition of your wooden floor will not justify that it will be needing a full refinishing because there will be cases that your wood floor will only need simple touch up by applying a little sanding and a new coating. However, there are also cases that your wood floor will require a full finishing bringing back the best look of your floor and will maximize its life span. 

Wood Floor Refinishing 

What is the difference of screening and full refinishing? 

A full refinishing includes sanding the finish of the wood floor to achieve and bring back its smooth surface like newly installed wood flooring. This will remove all wear and scratches on the floor. While careening is a simple process and that includes only a very gentle sanding on you wood floor to make it smooth and remove superficial scratches. And applying a new coat to the wood, the type of coat will depend on the floor’s current finish but the most commonly used is polyurethane. 

Beware of the scammers 

Some of the wooden floors are supposed to be sanded again and so aside from the sanding that they will get from the factory which means they could get damaged if you will sand it again rather than repairing them. In addition to this, some old wooden floors that has been sanded many times might not be advisable to be sanded anymore and might require more elaborate refinish and restoration. One way to check for the condition of your wooden floor is to check its depth using a pencil or a ruler.  You must find the gap between the wooden floor and push your chosen object reaching the bottom as you can. You could try to move it until you are sure that you have reach all the way in and mark the object that is level on the floor and measure it from the tip that touches the bottom of the wood. 

If you have more that ¾ of an inch, then you have enough to have a full wood refinishing if you want to. Having less that ¾ of an inch will have you not enough wood left. Refinishing them would require you a very delicate work to avoid damaging your wood floor. If sanding is not done properly, this could create more damage than you could imagine this is why you or the company you are hiring know and understand that they are doing a wood floor that is less than ¾ of an inch in depth. 

One potential damage you could be done is the type of floor finish you are having. If you misidentify the finish of your floor, this could cause disaster to your floor that might need complete restoration later or much worst replacing your wooden floor. There are so much stories that happened to homeowners like this so you should be careful in selecting the company that will do the job or even doing it yourself. 


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